Death by Magic Lantern

Back in the days before Television and the Web, technologies such as the Magic Lantern began to compete with more traditional entertainment such as Charades and piano, poetry or singing recitals.

The Magic lantern was an early version of the slide projector which bored to death millions of families from around the 1950s onwards.

Nowadays we tend to send a link to a site like Flica or Picassa and trust our friends/family to check out our latest snaps. At least they no longer have to endure dreaded phrases such as,

"Now this next carosel is from our holidays in Spain. Then we have 2 more from Clackton-on-Sea.... Then we'll break for a cup of tea ..."

Here is a typical example of the kit, complete with handy carrying case.

Today the nearest equivalent to the dreaded slide show is 'Death by PowerPoint' frequently endured at countless business meetings across the globe.

For some lighthearted hints and tips on presentations and how to avoid death by PowerPoint check out:

Deliver Successful, Effective Presentations.

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