The Shape of Cars and Girls

The shape of cars and the shape of girls have changed over the years. Or rather the way girls are pictured in order to market cars has changed.

Cars have got sleeker and more streamlined. So have the girls that go with them. Of course this isn't reflected in real life. But only in the minds of those who sell. In particular the fashion industry.

Just as we often yearn for old, retro-shapes in technology so we also look back with longing for the way women used to look, or more accurately, the way women were portrayed.

So bring back real women. Or rather, give back to women the to freedom to be who they want to be. Talking of real women, if you want hot gossip on Kylie Minogue and a plumber from Birmingham then Click Here.

Cycling in the Bush

Couldn't resist posting this one because it is so weird. It does have a bit of glamour in it and some old technology so it fits the RetroTech brief.

You can imagine an argument going on here.

"Its my turn now! And I don't see why I have to hold up the sunshade when you've got the hat!"

"If you don't let me keep peddling a bit longer then we'll both have to get dressed again."

"Oh please don't say that - the corset was killing me."

"By the way, is that Zebra still following us?"

"You'd think he'd never seen scantily clad ladies with a bike in the bush before."

History of the Sex Industry

The Sex Industry has been around longer than you think. Before chat lines there were old-fashioned operators who made the phone connection for you.

You could try it on with them and you might get lucky but more often than not if you talked dirty you'd find a policeman at your door.

The good old days. When you said to the operator, "A long distance to New York."
And she replied, "it sure is mister!" and then hung up.

Virgin Trains Boosting Passenger Numbers?

Your guess as to what is going on here is as good as mine. Perhaps its a Virgin Rail promotion. Or maybe one of those mammoth train journeys where vendors sell their wares from the platform when the train makes a brief stop. How much for a brief kiss and cuddle from the platform?
These were the days when railways were ruled by steam and passion made the trains run on time.

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