Who Remembers Wonder Woman?

All this talk about Sarah Palin and drawing comparisons with Wonder Woman got me thinking about where Wonder Woman came from. Remember the 1970's TV show The New Original Wonder Woman featuring Lynda Carter?

Wonder Woman had an alias as Diana Prince a spectacle-wearing Naval Officer (who bears a strong resemblance to Sarah Palin). Wonder Woman’s outfit is sexy and, in USA terms, patriotic. So some folk on the web hit on the idea of putting Sarah Palin, an ex beauty Queen, in a Stars and Stripes bikini (via Photoshop). This story was then picked up in the print media.

Can you see the resemblance? For more about Wonder Woman and comparisons between the real Palin and Lynda Carter as Diana Prince, check out the following article. You can also find out what Lynda Carter really thinks about being compared to the VP candidate from Alaska!

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