Woman and Machine

The love affair between women and robots goes back to the early pulp fiction comics and first appeared on big screen in 1956 in Forbidden Planet. Here the robot is actually actually working as a hairdresser.

"Been on holiday this year?"
"Yes. The Forbidden Planet."
"Nice. I've not been myself but I hear its very nice."
"Nice dress, by the way."
"It's a bit tarty for the 1950s but my PR man said it would put bums on seats for my new movie."

Interesting how as technology has developed it is so often linked with attractive women. Could it be as simple as boys having a passion for robots and young men adoring sexy women?

Typewriter Porn

This blend of beauty and technology can be traced right back through the early development of computers to even the humble typewriter. Typewriter porn - whatever next?

"Now Elsie, Just press one of these keys with a letter on it. Yes, yes that's lovely"

"This is much more exciting than dictation Mr Crevis,"

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