Eye Love London - London Eye

"London Calling" is an old Clash Anthem. London is still cool. So is London calling you?

Why not come and visit one of the world’s great cities and home of the 2012 Olympics.

So what is the Eye?

It’s a huge, futuristic ferris wheel. The height of the London Eye is 135m making it the fourth tallest structure in London.

The London Eye has won over 75 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architectural quality and engineering achievement since opening in March 2000.

It is also the tallest observation wheel in the world located on the bank of the River Thames close to Westminster and the British Parlament.

You can see around 40KM (25 miles) from the top. That's as far as Windsor Castle on a clear day.

The London Eye welcomes an average of 3.5 million customers every year and can carry 800 passengers per revolution - equivalent to 11 London red doubled-decker buses.

Each rotation takes about 30 minutes, meaning a capsule travels at a stately 26cm per second, or 0.9km (0.6 miles) per hour - allowing passengers to step on and off without the wheel having to stop.

Enough of these statistics. Eye'll see you soon in London!

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