Kitchen HiFi

This woman is obviously incredibly proud of her new-fangled, portable music machine. So proud that it is a wonder she managed to prepare the substancial meal she is carrying.

I love these homely US Ads from around the 1950s. All 'God, Motherhood and Apple Pie'. I'm also fascinated by the progression of music players from the horned gramophone to the Ipod.

Talking of horned gramophones, I just happen to have a picture of one. I apologise that the lady demonstrating it is only partly clothed. Perhaps she plans to listen to some music while getting ready for bed.

Incredible that these machines are purely mechanical. The clockwork motor turns the disk and the needle in the grove vibrates reproducing the sound. The horn applifies the sound so it was clearly audible. With not an amplifer or any electricity in sight. Beautiful isn't it?

The lady in the picture? Aria Giovanni wasn't born until 1977 in Long Beach California. She obviously gets her underwear from a charity shop along with the record player and her 78 records.

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